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Acronis – Backup

17 Aug, 2023

Acronis – Backup The solution is named #8 product in the list of software such as top Cloud Backup tools and #9 in the list of companies providing Backup and Recovery Software.
PeerSpotusers rate the Acronis Backup solution with 8.2 points out of a 10-point system. 51% of its users are large enterprises.

What Is Acronis Backup and What Does It Offer?

Acronis, established in 2003 in Singapore, is a technology company specializing in a range of cybersecurity solutions. Acronis Backup is one of its flagship offerings, designed to create exact duplicates of computer files that can be utilized for restoring original data when necessary. This comes in handy in scenarios like file corruption, accidental/intentional deletion, or unforeseen disasters.
Acronis Backup stands as one of the world’s most user-friendly and efficient backup solutions, catering to diverse data types, whether they are located on premises, devices, private and public clouds, or mobile platforms. It streamlines data protection management and minimizes the workload of IT professionals through innovative features that automate data safeguarding. These key features include ‘Zero Install,’ which ensures software distribution across various operating systems, and a ‘Web-based Console,’ a user-friendly web application that empowers business users to manage their own data. The console offers self-service functionalities for tasks such as backup, restoration, and file downloads.

Acronis Backup Features

Acronis Backup offers flexible storage solutions that adapt to your data’s specific requirements. It seamlessly integrates with a wide array of devices and software, including popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
Acronis stores data in a single backup format, ensuring easy restoration to any platform without data loss or damage.
In cases where the system is compromised by viruses, making data recovery challenging and risky, Acronis provides a Safe Recovery feature. This function ensures the network is cleansed of viruses (malware) through anti-malware scanning before proceeding with data restoration.
For situations where in-depth data collection is required, typically a resource-intensive task, Acronis offers Forensic Mode. This feature streamlines the “investigation” by collecting digital evidence, including disk-level backup memory dumps and information processing, simplifying the process.
Acronis unifies data protection across over 20 platforms, spanning physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems. The software seamlessly integrates with new applications and software solutions, ensuring continuous and comprehensive data protection.

Acronis Backup Users

Acronis boasts a diverse clientele, including renowned organizations such as Kings Academy, Rush Memorial, Pentagon Credit Union, Oxford School District, New York City Probation, Dolmen Insurance, New Bedford Community Health, Gerard Darel, and Ready Honda.
User Testimonials:
  • George, Technical Director: “Users can delve into the technical aspects because everything is remarkably straightforward. The backup and restore processes are exceptionally fast and efficient compared to other vendors.”
  • Lisa, School Director: “I’ve never had to work with another vendor because Acronis offers a user-centric solution that doesn’t require me to be a top-level IT professional.”
Acronis Backup is often compared to the Backup & Replication solution provided by Veeam (for more details, see our blog).
To explore Acronis Backup, you can access a 30-day free trial version by visiting the following link: Acronis Backup 30-day Free Trial.”


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