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17 Aug, 2023

What is Backup?

Nakivo Backup – Backup is the process of creating and storing copies of data, which can be restored in the event of data loss. These backups are typically stored separately or on an intermediary system. Restoring a backup involves returning the data to its original or an alternate location.

Data loss can result from various factors, including software malfunctions, cyber attacks, accidental data deletion, and more.

What Sets NAKIVO Apart from Other Companies?

Nakivo is a global leader in the creation and development of data protection products. What makes Nakivo stand out is its ability to:
  • Backup to various storage options, including virtual, cloud, physical, and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.
  • Provide flexible installation options for Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • Offer instant full and point-in-time data recovery.
  • Enable automatic data recovery in the event of system failure.
  • Specialize in data backup for virtual machines (VMware), ensuring all configurations are saved for quick data access during recovery. It also optimizes resource usage through features like Changed Block Tracking.
  • Store backups on different systems, whether in the cloud or on external/internal devices, ensuring data protection and easy restoration.
  • Facilitate seamless data transfer between platforms with no need for OS reinstallation.
  • Provide continuous monitoring of CPU, RAM, and disk memory to ensure the proper functioning of backup copies.”

Advantages of Nakivo Backup

  1. Constantly Updated Backup: Nakivo ensures your backups are consistently updated to provide the latest data protection.
  2. Seamless Data Transactions: The software handles data transactions for various databases, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft SQL Server, without the need for additional configurations.

  3. Flexible Data Recovery Options: Users have multiple data recovery choices, such as recovering from any point of interruption, specific files, and more.

  4. Automatic Backup Updates: Nakivo follows the 3-2-1 backup strategy, storing three copies of data. Two copies are kept on different types of media devices, and one is stored on an external or cloud device.

  5. Data Transmission Efficiency: The software allows users to optimize network bandwidth by limiting the amount used, enhancing the speed of backup operations.

  6. Ransomware-Resistant Backup: Nakivo’s Nutanix AHV backups are safeguarded against ransomware attacks, deletion, and encryption. This protection is achieved through the use of Amazon S3 Object Lock, ensuring data integrity.

  7. Amazon S3 Object Lock: Amazon S3 Object Lock guarantees the exact duplication of information in files, providing protection against even minor changes.

  8. Streamlined Data Protection Administration: Nakivo simplifies data protection administration, making it user-friendly and efficient.”

Backup of Windows and Linux servers

Servers can experience downtime due to a multitude of reasons, including technical errors, software issues, or ransomware attacks. Nakivo Backup provides a comprehensive solution by creating backup copies in various directions and ensuring data is safeguarded and readily restorable. It offers instant P2V (Physical to Virtual) recovery, seamlessly integrates with VMware virtual machine software, and maintains uninterrupted workflows during troubleshooting. In this way, Nakivo Backup delivers a full spectrum of benefits.

Nakivo seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms, including Windows Workstation, Linux Workstation, SaaS (Office 365), applications like Oracle RMAN, cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, and network storage (NAS).


Nakivo Backup Software’s pricing policy is defined based on service packages and products. For instance, server backup packages range from $58 to $120, while workstation packages are priced between $19 and $40. The pricing policy is highly customizable to cater to individual customer needs, allowing for purchases based on the number of users, the number of databases, and product-specific characteristics. All prices include 24/7 support and a 1-year license.

Nakivo Backup Software - Users and Ratings

Nakivo boasts a clientele of prominent enterprises and organizations worldwide, including Cisco, Radisson, Honda, Coca Cola, and Siemens.
Technological Partners: Nakivo collaborates with esteemed technological partners such as VMware, Google, Amazon, Dell, Nutanix, Microsoft, and Wasabi.
TrustRadius Ratings: Nakivo stands as a market leader and was recognized as one of the TopRated companies of 2021 on TrustRadius. The company’s excellence is evaluated based on key attributes, including universal and rapid backup and recovery, cross-platform recovery capabilities, effective protection of physical, cloud, and virtual data, and user-friendly administration and monitoring.
Nakivo also receives high ratings from SoftwareInformer and Gartner, affirming its reputation as a dependable company delivering fast and lossless data solutions.