Contact Center – AVAYA

16 Nov, 2023

“Organizations of all types are adapting to new ways for employees to communicate, collaborate and work productively, regardless of their location or device, using simple cloud solutions (e.g. contact centers) that enable the remote and mobile workforce.” – Jim Chirico, Avaya President, and CEO.

What is AVAYA?

Avaya is an American technology company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.
The company specializes in cloud communications and workflow collaboration solutions. The company’s Avaya OneCloud experience platform includes unified communications, contact center and CPaaS.

What does the AVAYA call center offer?

As you know, the call center handles incoming and outgoing calls by telephone. It relies on call center technology that allows managers to quickly and easily expand the number of customers as the company grows.
If you decide to cooperate with AVAYA, you should know that, unlike other companies, it offers the first basic package in which you buy a call center license and if you wish, you can upgrade it with additional offers, and finally you get a product – a contact center.

What does the AVAYA call center offer?

Effective call flow management at minimal cost
Minimized number of lost calls
Customer requests satisfied on time
Unification of geographically distant branches under one number
If your offices are located in different territories, through the AVAYA call center system, the branches will be easily united under one number.
Recording and monitoring of conversations
A powerful recording search mechanism and monitoring will improve the quality of your telephone service. The program allows you to record operators’ conversations with users, give them feedback, and moreover, you can see the number of missed calls and contact those who have already tried to establish communication, but could not get the desired information due to high availability. Easy resolution of disputes is another important advantage of the conversation recording functionality, because the conversation between you and the customer is recorded and each misunderstanding becomes easily resolved. AVAYA offers a functionality through which you can save your conversation in text form while making a call.
Voice assistant – IVR
        Voice assistant functionality will become the best friend of your marketing strategy. Through IVR, you will quickly, easily and without spending human resources provide the customer with the latest information about the company’s planned works, ordered items, news and discounts.
Statistics and reports
Statistics and reports help you improve your workflow and customer communication every day. Through the information provided by the functionality, you will control the internal processes.
Management system of operators
Operator management system is a program for monitoring LIVE calls that will help you:
√ Monitor the service quality of operators
√ Monitor Live calls online
√ Listen to operators’ conversations during the call

Why should you update the call center and introduce a contact center in the company?

Attracting and retaining customers is the main challenge of the 21st century-digital nation, because along with the variety of services, the digital transformation in the field of services is reaching the highest levels of development. Consumers’ needs are growing and it is necessary for companies to adapt to their wishes. AVAYA offers you to develop a call center and give your loyal customers more ways to communicate. With Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, you will simplify and accelerate your business processes. Text messages, video calls, e-mails. Mail, chatbots and live chat, the best way to get a personalized experience.

What types of businesses does AVAYA serve?

All companies, regardless of size or industry, have communication needs, so Avaya products and services can fit any organization. Avaya’s customers include healthcare organizations, banks, and small and medium-sized businesses. Physical devices, on-premise and cloud services must adapt to the needs of businesses of all sizes. However, on Avaya’s website you can find a page for small and medium business solutions where you will find UCaaS, CCaaS and desktop/conference phones.

What does the AVAYA call center offer?

meetings and conferences
With AVAYA’s simple and convenient functionality, your team works in one space using any device. Video, screen and app sharing, and team chat will bring everyone into one virtual room.
Team collaboration
Through the contact center, you will combine all your communication channels and simplify the work process
calls and messages
√ User-friendly application interface
√ Keeping customers and increasing their loyalty
√ Simplification of communication with the customer
Real-time, on-demand service 24/7 communication
Customer questions often arise when business hours are over, but neither the time nor the customer is trying. The multi-channel approach of the contact center provides 24-hour communication between the company and the customer according to your request.
Self-service contact center
Is it possible to provide services with the IVR system, such as paying over the phone or canceling the service? – Yes, it is possible. The IVR system will handle the task without a call center agent and will automatically provide the desired information to the user.
Personalized attention and responses
The artificial intelligence (AI) integrated into the contact center can recognize phone numbers and immediately learn the details related to the profile.
Artificial intelligence (AI) can also be integrated into online chatbots that can interact with customers. They answer frequently asked questions and, if necessary, refer to support agents to improve customer service.
Social media
As a result of a 2015 study conducted by BT Research, the role of social media in customer communication has increased by 25%, which clearly shows that it is important for the customer to get the desired service and solve any problem in a comfortable environment.
Mobile and SMS texting
Both customers and contact centers use text messages and mobile devices for local sales. The functionality helps us send meeting reminders, the location of an item that has arrived, and many other detailed information.
Video conferencing
Users can engage contact center agents using video calls and resolve technical issues in a comfortable environment.
Analytics functionality allows you to study customer behaviors and needs, on the basis of which you can easily improve the quality of your service, develop sales, and moreover, create new products whose potential customers you already know.