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Cortex XDR – Palo Alto

15 Nov, 2023

Cortex XDR is the #1 solution in XDR security systems. (XDR- extended detection and response) and it ranks #4 among endpoint security software solutions. (See article about endpoint security software)
source Peerspot.com)
Cortex software is rated 8.2 out of 10 by users, and 57% of its primary customers are large businesses.

what is Cortex XDR?

Cortex XDR is a product created by the Palo Alto company that combines both visibility into all types of data and analytics, which in itself helps businesses to detect risks in a short period of time and to take preventive measures to prevent future threats.
When the number of users on the network is quite large and so is the data, Cortex XDR allows you to manage the flow of packets and monitor the user through a single platform.
Cortex XDR works at different layers of the network to detect and prevent threats. The software can scan up to 5.4 billion IP addresses in about ¾ of an hour. This allows it to detect system vulnerabilities and notify administrators of threats before hackers can penetrate the network. The solution has artificial intelligence (AI), which detects risks or areas where a problem may occur, the system creates an information schema, where it stores relevant information about vulnerabilities and sends alerts (ALERT) to system administrators. Artificial intelligence takes the information it collects and uses it to determine the level of threat power. 

Cortex XDR Advantages

  • AI
    With Cortex XDR, you can quickly get analytics about the data and applications on your network. Manage the process before the threat arises and be prepared to face any kind of external attack.
  • Memorizing threats and classifying them into groups
    Cortex XDR allows you to remember detected threats and group them into different groups. With this feature, you will prevent 98% of incoming threats and at the same time control the number of incoming packets in your traffic to prevent network overload and subsequent outages.
  • 8 times faster than other products
    Cortex XDR detects threats 8 times faster than any other software in the industry.

Users Ratings

Cortex XDR stands out from the competition for many reasons. 2 main reasons that distinguish it from the products of other companies are: the ability to isolate threats and the ability to study them.
Users Gartnet.comwrite positive reviews about these two functions and note their effectiveness.

Jay, a network designer for a computer software company: The solution has a very useful isolation function. If a system is compromised, with one click I can isolate it from the rest of the network, and then scan the current threat without disrupting the network.”

Cortex XDR users: CBI Health Group, University Honda, VakifBank.


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