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eBee GEO – senseFly

14 Nov, 2023

Founded in 2009, Sensefly manufactures and develops the eBee brand line of high quality fixed wing drones. Safe, ultra-light and easy-to-operate drones are intended for professional use, they can be used in many fields, for example: agriculture, agro-culture, surveying, construction, etc.

Sensefly We offer 4 types of drones for the development of agriculture, geodesy and other fields:
  • eBee GEO


eBee Geo Features

The eBee Geo drone is a new step for engineers and professionals whose activities are mainly surveying and mapping. Compared to standard surveying equipment, the eBee Geo drone makes surveying and mapping modeling of small and large areas even faster and more efficient.
Available RTK (RTK – Real Time Kinematic – allows you to conduct research to correct common errors in current satellite navigation systems.), which Allows you to achieve maximum data accuracy
The drone is equipped with a Sensfly S.O.D.A camera, which ensures ease of use and the highest quality of images.
SenseFly S.O.D.A is the first photogrammetric sensor designed specifically for drones. With its help, it is possible to capture aerial RGB images, subsequently to create orthomosaics and high-precision 3D digital models
The 1.6 kg drone is flexible enough to work in the harshest conditions, so all the dangers that may exist in nature and threaten the drone are taken into account

Reliability and quality

Although eBee Geo drone is not equipped with PPK function like eBee X and eBee TAC ( PPK – is a common statistical tool used to evaluate workflow. PPK represents the “general capabilities” of the process).

Based on high-precision aerial photography data, it is possible to assess the quality and safety of the crop. Detailed aerial images and weather station data can be used to analyze the agricultural area. The use of similar technologies has been a long-standing practice in the United States, and it is being actively implemented in other countries as well. Using this practice, drones are even used to fight hunger in African countries.


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