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Endpoint Security Components – FORTINET

20 Jun, 2023

Endpoint Security Software: Protecting the Digital Age

Endpoint security software is a sophisticated antivirus solution designed to detect and eliminate viruses across diverse devices and operating systems. This software specifically caters to vulnerable endpoints, such as laptops and mobile devices. It represents the evolution of traditional antivirus programs, offering more comprehensive protection against various threats that standard firewalls may struggle to handle.

Why Do You Need Endpoint Security Software?

In the digital age, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. The 21st century is characterized by an ever-growing number of viruses and cyber threats, making data security a critical concern for businesses. Data is among a company’s most valuable assets, and a breach or data loss could potentially lead to business failure. Furthermore, modern challenges, such as the proliferation of computer devices, remote work, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, have made the task of protecting a network more complex. Filtering and managing these threats require significant time and resources.

Why Choose Fortinet?

Fortinet offers advanced protection for your network through endpoint security software. Their solutions aim to bolster your network’s defense, reduce the number of attacks, prevent threats from spreading to devices, investigate the specifics of each threat, and identify corresponding device vulnerabilities, ensuring your network is prepared for any potential attack.

Key Features of Automatic Endpoint Security Software

  • FORTIEDR: This solution conducts root-based threat analysis, enabling comprehensive protection from the very foundation of your device. It reduces the risk of attacks, prevents malware from infiltrating the system, identifies and eliminates potential threats, and automatically responds to specific attacks.
  • Real-time Breach and Ransomware Protection: Endpoint security provides protection against viruses both before and after infection. It also enhances application security to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
  • Incident Response: In case a virus damages one of your programs, the system interface simplifies the restoration process and eradicates the issue.
  • Endpoint Visibility and Control: Companies gain live monitoring capabilities, with 24/7 access to each device, bolstering overall security.
  • Web Filtering for Compliance Control: Web filtering prevents users from accessing potentially harmful sites and allows companies to block access to non-work-related websites, ensuring a secure online environment. These web filtering and application settings protect your devices both online and offline.

Endpoint Protection Software vs. Antivirus

While Mac and Windows devices come with some level of built-in protection, an antivirus program remains essential for comprehensive security. However, when your device is connected to a network where data integrity is critical for the company, endpoint security becomes a necessity.
Endpoint Security protects the entire network and all its endpoints from a wide range of threats. An antivirus program, on the other hand, primarily safeguards individual devices against various malware and viruses.


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