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Endpoint Security – Symantec

17 Aug, 2023

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Symantec – Endpoint Security is ranked 14th among the world’s leading companies, known for its popularity and robust features. A significant 59% of the company’s clientele comprises large businesses, with ratings ranging from 8 to 10 on a 10-point scale.

What Is Endpoint Security Software?

Endpoint security software represents advanced antivirus protection capable of detecting and remedying viruses across a variety of devices and operating systems. It extends its protective capabilities directly to laptops, mobile devices, and similar vulnerable systems. Endpoint Security is the result of antivirus development, specifically designed to identify threats that a standard firewall may struggle to address.

Why Do You Need Endpoint Security Software?

In the digital age, cybersecurity takes center stage as we navigate the era of viruses and cyberwars. In today’s business landscape, a company’s data stands as one of its most critical assets. The loss or unauthorized access to this data can lead to significant consequences, even risking the survival of the business itself. Moreover, modern challenges such as the proliferation of computer devices, remote work arrangements, and BYOD policies (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE, where employees use their personal devices for work) have added complexity to the realm of data protection. Safeguarding against threats demands more time and resources in this ever-evolving landscape.

Symantec - Endpoint Security Features

This feature ensures the security of your network by identifying and mitigating potential threats. It offers real-time monitoring and protection against various network vulnerabilities.
SONAR performs in-depth behavioral analysis of applications running on your computer. It observes their behavior and compares it to expected norms. If an application displays suspicious behavior, SONAR can automatically halt its operation, ensuring the safety of your system.
Symantec’s antivirus and antispyware software are designed to detect and remove viruses, as well as security risks like spyware. It actively safeguards your device by blocking access to malicious sites and issuing alerts when encountering potential threats.
This layer of protection is designed to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your network from threats like viruses and spyware. It acts as a barrier, blocking malicious activities and issuing alerts for added security.
Symantec Endpoint Security uses cloud-based analytics to identify and respond to targeted attacks, including Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It reduces the risk of attacks, prevents malware from infiltrating your system, and automatically responds to specific threats for enhanced security.

Users Ratings

Visit Trustradius.com to view user ratings for Symantec, which are distributed as shown in the accompanying image.
Trustradius Symantec
ratings from Gartner.com:
gartner.com Symantec
Craig, the company’s technical director “With the program, all our emails and files are scanned, along with updated and additional special features. This has helped us allocate staff appropriately and set limited access to specific financial records. Every time the program detects a virus on a website, it notifies me and the message is displayed on the screen until I resolve the issue. Even after a short period of use, this product made the company work faster and safer and brought great benefits as well.


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