Fortinet – ANTIVIRUS

16 Nov, 2023

Fortinet is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It develops and sells cyber security solutions, one of which is an antivirus and its software.

Antivirus Software

An antivirus is a program used to prevent computer viruses – to scan, detect and remove them. After installation, most antivirus programs run automatically to provide protection against virus attacks.

What is MALWARE ?

This is software designed to steal data or damage computers and software systems. In the group of malicious programs we can combine: viruses, spyware and ransomware. All of these are used by cybercriminals to gain access to the network and its devices in order to steal data or damage your systems.
There are several tell-tale signs that you may be a victim of malware:
Computer speed
Malware often affects the speed of your device and slows it down when you use the Internet or use applications.
A computer that shuts down frequentlyToo many promotions
This often indicates that adware or some type of malware has entered your system. If you see illogical ads, it is important not to click them, as these ads can run code that can further damage your computer.
Loss of disk space
If you notice that the available disk space has suddenly decreased, it is possible that malware is stored on your hard drive.
New programs and extensions
If the browser displays new tools, extensions or other homepages, malware is on your computer.
Cybercriminals use malware because:
  • breach data protection
  • Extort money from you
  • to steal intellectual property
  • destroy your data
Anti-virus programs were created and developed many times to protect themselves from Malware and similar malicious programs.​​
Fortinet’s antivirus software uses patented technology that protects the system from polymorphic or variable viruses. Every week, Fortinet provides you with updated information about about 1.8 million viruses.

Fortinet Antivirus Features and Benefits

  • Reduce the risks of data breach or damage
    Highly effective antivirus protection is provided through multiple checkpoints.
  • Stops MALWARE
    With Fortinet Antivirus, you will protect yourself from the latest viruses and unknown threats.
  • Provides timely protection
    The antivirus is provided with intelligence updates, which from time to time examines the operation of your programs in the system and, if a problem is detected, will act accordingly.
  • It will save you time and resources
    Antivirus software saves you money and time with the “set and forget” feature.


AV-Comparatives is an Austrian independent organization whose activity is checking and evaluating antivirus programs. It regularly publishes reports that are publicly available.
It is based on their data that we can say that overall Fortinet scores guarantee reliability. AV-Comparatives runs two different MALWARE detection tests. One is a virus detection simulation and the other is a typical file detection test to protect against Zero day attack viruses along with all other viruses. Fortinet received an ADVANCED+ rating in these tests.