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How does Check Point’s security system protect us from cyber-attacks?

14 Nov, 2023

In the field of IT – IPS solution, cyber security is the most important detail in the proper management and operation of the company’s network. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) – network intrusion prevention system is one of the most popular and trusted solutions.

What is Check Point and what does it offer?

Check Point  is an American-Israeli multinational corporation that creates software and hardware products to protect against network, cloud, mobile and database cyber threats.
The company offers various solutions for the safe operation and development of the network:

Provides IT network protection of corporations, organizations from cyber attacks with the highest caliber security protection systems.
Protects the cloud with a unified security system that provides automated, scalable protection. Prevents cyber threats. Provides full visibility and control over any cloud workload.
Provides cybersecurity for users’ remote access to company devices and other digital resources. At the same time, both personal and corporate confidential data of the user are fully protected.
Infinity Vision
It is the gold standard of cyber security for corporations. Provides threat prevention with a unified service from a single point across networks, cloud, mobile and other remote devices.

Quantum Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

IPS technology is software and hardware support for network, cloud, mobile or data protection that examines traffic flows, identifies vulnerable systems and protects them from cyber attacks. Basically, 3 types of cyber attacks are distinguished:
Brute Force Attack (so-called full attack) – attack on passwords, authentication data, encrypted codes;
DoS Attack (so-called denial of service)- loss of access to websites;
Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks – Attack on the weak points of the IT system. Before the security panel is activated, attackers have an average time to gain control over the entire system.
Check Point’s IPS ensures that these attacks are quickly blocked. The system strictly controls the flow of packets, enhances safe protocols, and blocks dangerous protocols.

Check Point - IPS Features

Brute Force Attack
DoS Attack
Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks
A segment of code or program that takes advantage of a system’s security weakness, penetrates the system and installs Trojans, bugs, or viruses
Any cyber attack, from a bot to a system outage, is a threat
The tunneling protocol is responsible for the reliability and security of data transmission. However, as soon as security is weakened, the danger of data leakage immediately arises.
For the safety of outgoing communications, control hubs (Gateway) are created, which filter information from the network.
Both are cyber security systems, the only difference is in their functions. IPS is an active security system, it provides protection as well as threat prevention. Whereas, IDS belongs to the passive protection system and focuses on threat detection. After which it transmits a signal and warns the security system about the detected danger.

How does IPS detect threats?

  • Signature
    Packets are dropped onto the network, which the IDS compares to predefined attack patterns known as signatures.
  • Statistical anomalies
    An IDS monitors network traffic and compares it to an established baseline. This line defines what is normal for the network and what protocols are used. However, if the baselines are not configured correctly, this can cause false alarms.
  • Structural protocol analysis
    This method distinguishes protocols from each other, observes and compares past events through pre-built profiles.

Users Ratings

Major customers of Check Point’s IPS include Mitsubishi, Teliasonera, Electrolux, Hewlett Packard, Neopharm and others. Annual service packages are priced from $1,500 to $6,500. According to the assessment of technological research and consulting company Gartner, Check Point is considered an advanced company in the field of computer technology and cyber security. In the Gartner Network Firewall Magic Quadrant 2021 report, Check Point has been named a market leader for the twenty-second time. The assessment is based on 3 main criteria:
  •     news and inovations – Optimizing the security system on all devices, easy monitoring and quick response to threats.
  •     complete portfolio – Complex and comprehensive security management for hybrid, cloud and corporate networks.
  •     Users satisfaction – More than 100,000 employees of organizations in more than 80 countries successfully use and 90% of them positively evaluate Check Point products.
Peerspot and according to the rating of Check Point is in the fourth place. The IPS solution is popular in the segment of large corporations, which accounts for only 59% of users.
Security, efficiency and complex protection – 3 main features with which Check Point characterizes its IPS, really distinguish it from competitors. Its constantly updated software support effectively protects the network and prevents potential threats at an early stage.

we share with you a guide for buyers, where you can discuss Check Point IPS in detail: https://www.peerspot.com/landing/report-product-check-point-ips



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