15 Nov, 2023

What is IPS and what does it do? ​

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) examines network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerabilities.

What does IPS protect us from?

Today’s threats are constantly changing. From denial-of-service attacks (DDoS/DoS) to ransomware, the frequency, volume, and sophistication of cyberattacks are not slowing down. Every organization needs network security because even a small failure – like a moment of inactivity / delay or delay in service – can damage the organization’s reputation and lose customers. Often, catastrophic cyber-attacks start by receiving a standard packet and even a firewall has a hard time deciphering them, so viruses bypass network security software settings and create huge problems. To protect yourself from all this, you should use IPS technology.

What does Cisco Systems offer?

If you already have a firewall, you can upgrade your network’s cybersecurity with an IPS license, or purchase each element individually.
Cisco Systems offers an even stronger IPS – Secure IPS, which itself offers simpler and more reliable solutions for network security.
Cisco Systems offers you to view more contextual data and adjust your security. You can see applications, host profiles, file trajectories, sandboxing, vulnerability information, etc.
Secure IPS receives new policies and signatures every two hours, so your security is always up to date. Cisco Talos (threat intelligence organization) uses the world’s largest network to detect threats, thereby increasing the security of all Cisco products.
Secure IPS offers flexible deployment options to meet your company’s needs. Traditionally it is installed after the firewall to protect critical assets, user access and WAN connections. Secure IPS can be set to scan for or detect internal threats.
If you purchase Cisco Systems IPS, you can leave your equipment intact. For example, if you don’t use a Cisco firewall, it won’t be a problem for you, because you can easily integrate with other company’s products. Through this integration, you can manage the entire system from one panel and simplify the work process.


On the Gartner peer insight platform, Cisco Systems is one of the leaders in terms of security and is highly trusted by users. 80% of users out of 82 ratings give Cisco security 4-5 stars. It should also be noted that its users in Georgia are mostly large organizations, such as, for example: banks, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.