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IPS – Fortinet

20 Jun, 2023

What is Endpoint Security Software?

Endpoint security software, often referred to as advanced antivirus protection, is designed to detect and mitigate viruses across various devices and operating systems. This crucial software extends its protective reach to laptops, mobile devices, and other vulnerable systems. Endpoint security solutions have evolved from traditional antivirus tools, specializing in identifying and addressing threats that standard firewalls may overlook

The Importance of Endpoint Security Software

In the digital age, cybersecurity takes center stage, marking the 21st century as an era defined by viruses and cyber warfare. In today’s business landscape, a company’s data stands as one of its most valuable assets. The loss or unauthorized transfer of this data can result in severe consequences, potentially endangering the very existence of the business. Moreover, modern challenges, such as the proliferation of computer devices, remote work, and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, have added complexity to the security landscape. Dealing with these evolving threats demands significant time and resources.

Why Choose Fortinet?

Fortinet, through its endpoint security software, offers a compelling solution. By leveraging Fortinet’s expertise, you can bolster the security of your network, curbing the number of attacks and preventing the proliferation of threats to various devices. The software allows for in-depth investigations into the specific threat vectors and corresponding device vulnerabilities, ensuring that you remain prepared to face the challenges of the next potential attack.
  • Automatic Endpoint Security Software
    FORTIEDR (a solution designed for root-based analysis of threats in order to be able to protect the device from viruses from the very foundation) reduces the risk of attack, prevents Malware from entering the system, detects and eliminates potential threats and automatically reacts to specific attacks.
  • Real-time Breach and Ransomware Protection
    Endpoint security offers device protection before and after virus infection, as well as application security against DDOS and DOS attacks.
  •  Incident Response
    Even if a virus has damaged one of your programs, the system interface allows you to easily restore it and eliminate the problem.
  • Endpoint Visibility and Control
    Companies can monitor their devices LIVE and have 24/7 access to each device for added security.
  • Web Filtering for Compliance Control
    Through web filtering, the user will not be able to access such sites that may be dangerous for network security. Web filtering also allows companies to block access to sites that are not of interest to their workspace (for example, gaming sites). Web filtering and web application settings keep your devices safe, both online and offline.

Endpoint Protection Software vs Antivirus

If you’re using a Mac or Windows device, even though both have some level of protection, you still need an antivirus.
And for complete protection, when your device is connected to a network in which the existing data is important for the company, you will need endpoint security.

Endpoint Security protects the network and all its endpoints from various threats. An antivirus program protects only an individual system or device from various malware viruses.


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