Sensefly – eBee TAC

14 Nov, 2023

Founded in 2009, Sensefly manufactures and develops the eBee brand line of high quality fixed wing drones. Safe, ultra light and easy to operate drones are designed for professional use, they can be used in many fields, for example: agriculture, government, surveying, construction, etc.

Sensefly offers 4 types of drones for the development of agriculture, geodesy and other fields:
1. eBee TAC
2. eBee X
3. eBee Ag
4. eBee Geo

eBee TAC

This type of drone is intended for government and military solutions to easily explore a specific area and then create a 3D model to plan different tactics.
The eBee TAC is a lightweight (1.6 kg), ultra-portable and powerful solution specifically designed for defense – tactical mapping and analysis. The product, along with other countries, is currently used by the US forces.

what eBee TAC offers?

  • Detailed 3D model
  • various maps
  • Terrain and surface models
  • VR Simulations
  • thermal maps
  • Orthomosaic maps
It should be noted that the eBee TAC drone has the ability to integrate with various tools, for example – ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit – a geospatial infrastructure and military situation awareness application for an Android smartphone. The application allows accurate targeting, navigation and data sharing.)
Due to the weight of the drone (1.6 kg) it is very easy to move and one person is enough to control it. The flight time reaches 90 minutes and the total viewing area covers 500 hectares, and 55 minutes is enough to charge.
eBee TAC drones are equipped with optimized cameras that allow you to collect data and immediately use it via an encrypted SD card for analysis and decision making. Camera data offers RGB, 3D, multispectral and thermal loading.

Cyber Security

If we use Ebee TAC drones for the military and defense sector, we will agree, from its data, maintaining safety is one of the most important factors.
The drone uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which prevents other people from connecting to your drone’s frequency.
The product maintains silence as much as possible so that the drone launched on a special mission is not noticed and shot down.
Also an important element for safety is that the drone is integrated with the Google Earth Enterprise platform. That is, during operation, it will not connect to the Internet while flying to prevent digital cyber attacks. In order for the drone to use the map, it is necessary to record the route prepared for it in advance.

Achieve absolute accuracy with RTK/PPK

RTK – Real Time Kinematic – allows you to conduct research to correct common errors in current satellite navigation systems.
PPK – is a common statistical tool used to evaluate workflow. PPK represents the “general capabilities” of a process.

With RTK/PPK capabilities, you can easily collect data to maintain accuracy at every step of your workflow. Because the eBee TAC is compatible with industry-leading base stations, you can fly the drone anywhere.

Reliability and quality

eBee TAC drones are approved by the US Department of Defense (Blue UAS) for sale to government agencies.
“Traditional drones, such as quadcopters or short-range surveillance drones, do not have the capability to perform medium-range mapping reconnaissance tasks, especially in environments where navigation is difficult. Together with our partners, we listened to the needs of field personnel to ensure that the eBee TAC is designed to meet the needs of tactical defense mapping to further improve mission effectiveness in a variety of terrains.” – Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Director of senseFly.