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senseFly – eBee X

14 Nov, 2023

The American company Sensefly was founded in 2009 and produces high-quality drones of the eBee brand. Safe, ultra light and easy to work with Fixed-wing drones are widely used in various industries such as agriculture, engineering, environmental monitoring, human resources research, education, spatial mapping, and many others. For different types of research, drones have different functions and purposes. Therefore, there are many differences between them, for example – their maximum flight time: varies from 30 to 90 minutes, they have different flight height and camera resolution. They fly at specified distances and can collect different types of data.
Sensefly offers 4 types of drones tailored to your field of work:
1. eBee TAC
2. eBee X

3. eBee Ag
4. eBee Geo

eBee X

This type of drone can be used in many areas for professional results. The eBee X drone can easily work in fields such as agriculture, engineering and construction, environmental monitoring, humanitarian aid, and more.

eBee X advantages

Usually, it can take weeks or months to describe and map large areas. However, the company FEDS took only 1 day to describe the 13.7 km² area with SenseFly’s eBee X drone, while it would have taken almost 2 months to describe it in the field survey. This SenseFly drone is designed to collect data efficiently, safely and accurately – at the expense of reducing time.
As seismic activity in volcanic regions increases, researchers need a way to monitor topographic changes, which is why they use the SenseFly eBee X.
The flight duration of the eBee X allows you to cover an area of up to 500ha, which is much larger than a traditional quadcopter.
With the rapid growth of agriculture, farmers often use drones as a support tool. Farmers who want to save time and collect data quickly prefer fixed-wing drones. The advantage of such drones is that they can easily collect data quickly over large distances. Such an unmanned aerial vehicle helps farmers, for example, in soil research, to more easily develop strategic plans to fight disease or plague, or to determine the usefulness of this or that soil with the same soil research data.

eBee X data

Fixed-wing drones are distinguished by their flight duration. A traditional drone can fly for 15-20 minutes, while a fixed-wing drone can fly for up to 90 minutes, making long corridor shooting possible.

With the help of eBee X sensors, we can capture 1cm of real area per 1 pixel, also eBee x sensors can capture 2.5cm per pixel at 122m height and give us absolute horizontal/vertical accuracy up to 1-3cm using a traditional GPS antenna.

It should also be noted that compared to traditional quadcopters, the 1.6 kg eBee X flies 3 times longer and is 2 times faster.
The drone is equipped with 9 optimized cameras to suit every project, capturing reliable aerial RGB quality photos, thermal and multi-spectral images.

Achieve absolute accuracy with RTK/PPK

RTK – Real Time Kinematic – allows you to conduct research to correct common errors in current satellite navigation systems.
PPK – is a common statistical tool used to evaluate workflow. PPK represents the “general capabilities” of a process.
The eBee X drone is similar to the eBee TAC drone Compatible with industry-leading base stations, so you can fly your drone anywhere.

Reliability and quality

“In the world, due to poaching activities, some species of animals are on the verge of extinction. WildTrack’s mission is to save wildlife, and to that end, we use SenseFly’s high-tech eBee X drone to monitor the endangered black rhino population in Africa. Our organization works to protect and preserve species, and we are having great success using the eBee X drone.” – Managing Director of WildTrack.

“Duke University professors used an eBee X drone and a MicaSense RedEdge-MX camera to rapidly survey tombs and ancient sites. Drones of this type can collect multispectral and RGB images in order to study objects of interest after processing the data. The drone helped researchers plan future excavations and prioritize resources.” – we read on the official site of Sensefly.

The EU Drones Association allowed eBee X to fly within the framework of the license for 2 years in inhabited and uninhabited areas, at a distance of 50 meters from people, which is the greatest guarantee of its safety and the practical absence of unforeseen errors and cases.



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