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Solarwinds- NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

17 Aug, 2023

What is NetFlow and how does it work?

NetFlow is a network protocol used to monitor the flow of traffic on a network. By analyzing NetFlow data, you can get a tabular picture of how network traffic flows through your network, the sources of incoming and outgoing packets, their destinations, congestion points, and volume. netflow traffic analyzer will help you to analyze the circulation of flows in order to improve the speed of traffic in the network and not to spend additional funds to strengthen it

What is SolarWinds and what does it offer?

SolarWinds is an American company that develops software for businesses and allows you to combine all IT infrastructure monitoring components within a single platform (Network Monitoring, Systems Management, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor .) All in one platform

How to find out which packages use your traffic the most?

NetFlow-ს Bandwidth monitoring The parameter helps you to monitor the network traffic and classify the received NetFlow data. With them, you can find out which applications or users are responsible for blocking or blocking bandwidth in incoming and outgoing traffic. To improve the working environment and service quality, netflow traffic analyzer allows you to set alerts for your network users and implement updates after monitoring and analyzing data.
The network flow analysis feature allows you to extract data from network traffic and see which applications, devices, or users are consuming network bandwidth. NTA transforms this data into charts and tables to help you understand exactly how your network is being used, by whom and for what purpose.

Netflow Traffic Analyzer Features

  • Bandwidth monitoring.
  • Application traffic alerting.
  • Network traffic analysis.
  • VMware vSphere distributed switch support.
  • Performance analysis dashboard  .
  • Advanced application recognition.
The cost of the Solarwinds netflow traffic analyzer depends on your network requirements and scalability, it can be integrated from €875 and the price increases according to the requirements.
See the demo version

Credibility and customers

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is popular in the large enterprise segment, PeerSpot–Based on customer ratings on Peerspot, we can say that 58% of Solarwinds customers are large business owners.
For example: “Asia Pacific Network Information Center”, “Oceaneering International”, “Immofori”, “335th Signal Command”


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