Solarwinds – Network Performance Monitor

15 Nov, 2023

By a Company PeerSpotusers: SolarWinds)’s Network Performance Monitor is rated quite high – 8 out of 10 points. 63% of SolarWinds NPM customers are large businesses. Based on their evaluations, we can say that Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor is one of the best network monitoring solutions.

What services and solutions does SolarWinds provide, and how can businesses benefit from its offerings?

SolarWinds is an American company that develops software for businesses and allows you to combine all IT infrastructure monitoring components within a single platform (Network Monitoring, Systems Management, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor and e.t.c) – all in one platform.

What is Network Performance Monitor?

SolarWinds NPM is a network monitoring solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently detect and resolve network performance issues and bottlenecks. The tool will help you increase the quality of service, reduce downtime, simplify the management of complex network devices, etc.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor features

The network performance monitoring solution is equipped with many interesting features, for example:
  • Monitoring on a big scalenitoring on a bog scale
  • Fault, performance and availability monitoring
  • Dynamic network discovery and mapping
  • Cross-network data correlation
  • Topology
  • AI-powered network monitoring and alerts
  • Automatic threat prediction, warning and reporting

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Advantages

There are several benefits to implementing SolarWinds’ Network Performance Monitor. The biggest advantages of the solutions include:
  • Comprehensive monitoring for advanced network devices:
    Solarwinds easily works with leading companies such as Cisco and Palo Altro, so we confidently promise comprehensive monitoring of your firewalls and various devices and programs.
  • Hardware health monitoring:
    Solarwinds NPM makes it easy for you to monitor your hardware, inform you about alerts, extensions and key metrics that are an integral part of your work.
  • Customizable performance and availability report:
    With this feature, you can choose the report scheme you want from more than 100 templates and get information about network performance automatically.

Users Ratings

Andrew, Senior Network Engineer at Element Critical, says the Performance Analyzer feature is the most valuable element of the solution. It can show you the basic indicators of interface statistics, traffic events, detected errors, etc., which will help you improve the quality of service in the future.”

“The alerting and usage tracking is a valuable feature because it warns us when we are approaching the maximum disk capacity, network overload or CPU overheating,” notes Daniel, Systems and Data Warehousing Supervisor at MMSD. All this helps us manage our opportunities to the maximum and allows us to be more proactive.”

Dinesh, Digital Innovation at Bobcat Company, says the best part of the solution is Display Sharing. It gives you a generic, public ID that you can share your work with anyone you want, or use in public presentations.”


Solarwinds’s Users say that running the program and using it for 1 year costs $10-15,000.

The cost mainly depends on the scale of your company and your wishes.

To see the DEMO version and better plan your budget, refer to the link: